Independent visual artist


Martin Klopstra obtained his degree from the Rotterdam Art Academy in 1980. He has always been fascinated by the idea of 'budding seeds', and this is reflected in his work. The plant cycle is his source of inspiration. The origin and growth of seeds are visible in his pieces. You can also see some elements of Art Nouveau.

Martin likes to work with wood and has reinvented himself several times throughout the years. His work can be grand and expressive, or small and fragile - but always emphasising the power and intensity of nature, in all its shapes and colours. The sculptures, made from wood and copper, are very elegant due to the refined techniques Martin uses.

The artists exhibits his work both domestically and abroad, in group exhibitions, solo exhibitions and sculpture gardens, including several times in the Keukenhof flower park. He won the 'Arti et Industriae' prize in The Hague in 2006. He composes poems for some of his pieces, which always focus on nature.



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