Martin Klopstra

Beeldend Kunstenaar


New time - Childhood - Child grows on time - Child grows on time
Child eats on time - Sports on time
Time for a new school - Time for a boyfriend
Time for an exam - Passed!
First job - New job
Time for a relationship
Time to become parents - Time for new fortune
Time to watch TV - Time to go to bed - Time for sex
Time to sleep - Time to wake up
Time to go to work
Time to come
Time to become grandparents
Time to grow old - Time to die
Time to start over?

Every person in his life has a time when he starts afres
and leaves the past behind in his ashes
like the phoenix

Then moments arise which you continue with
You make a choice

Until the end you will not always decide these moments of choice for yourself
For there is always someone else making the decisions
and this is time - which determines everything around you
Martin Klopstra