Martin Klopstra

Beeldend Kunstenaar

Who is Martin Klopstra?

The artist Martin Klopstra, living and working in Spijkenisse – Holland, got his basic education at the Academy of Arts in the years 1976 – 1980, after which he continued his studies at the Public Academy with an Education for teachers in the subject of Manual Labour.


A sunflower seed on the window-sill, a germination develops. Seed seeming lifeless germinates: a life begins. A root makes its way, a leaf unfolds in all its simplicity. The process of developing life fascinates me and is inspiration for my work. Life develops in any way and shape in any environment. It must find itself a place, alone or together with other organisms. From chaos life develops time and again like a phoenix arises from its ashes. In this way nature also finds its way again and again in my objects from wood and brass in an entirely own shape.

The fragile power fascinated me in such a way, that the forms of this early beginning almost forced me to chisel them in wood, but the strongly enlarged. This enlargement makes you watch the seeds from a totally different perspective, which causes an estranging effect. The shape shows to its full advantage in wood, because its marking, colour and structure intensify the biological character.

By putting the objects in a spacious room they create a relation with the environment. In the open air the use of natural shapes and materials will be a unity with nature. In a non-biological environment there is a fascinating contrast as there are differences in shapes and materials: wood to glass and concrete, curved stylized patterns to geometric ones.


Academy of Arts – Rotterdam

Public Academy Manual Labour - Rotterdam